Concierge Services from Beavers Bend Adventures

Sweetheart Package

Wanting to add a special touch for your loved one? Surprise your sweetheart with chocolate covered strawberries, candles, chocolates and rose petals all set upon arrival to your cabin. Package price is $75. Add a bouquet of fresh, seasonal flowers for the cost of the flowers.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Candles & Chocolates
Rose Petals (heart shape, on the bed)

Add a bouquet of flowers @ cost of the flowers.

Call or e-mail Beavers Bend Adventures to order in advance.

No Flowers – $75

Add Flowers – $125 – $150

Seasonal Flowers – Custom Order

$50 – $100

Massage with hot basalt stones. Beautiful deep charming light.

In-Cabin Massage

The friendly staff at Beavers Bend Adventures will assist you in scheduling in-cabin massages.  You may schedule it when you reserve your cabin.  If you don’t get it done then,  just fill out the form below with the following information.

Beavers Bend Adventures can process payment on your credit pay the masseuse directly with cash, + tip as desired.

$125 per hr

Grocery / Flower Delivery

The helpful staff at Beavers Bend Adventures will deliver as requested to your cabin prior to your arrival – groceries, flowers, decorations, cake, etc.  You name it and we can probably make it happen.

We charge a $30 minimum, or 20% for the services. Beavers Bend Adventures will process payment on your credit card.

Send your list 1 week ahead. Fill out the form below with your instructions:

Request Concierge Service